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Shabang! Steel Drum Band: Music

cool de fire

(Harry Best)
February 10, 1999
Harry Best
There's a twinkle in your eye
When you glance my way
Your pretty little smile
Tells more than words can say
I wanna get to know you some more
Feel I can love you for sure
Thinking all the time
Wanna make you mine
Try to make my move
Getting in the groove
(You say)

Cool down de fire
When I gotta burning desire
Cool down the fire
Now I gotta burning desire

There's a swing in your sway
When you walk my way
Amd that dress you wear
Sparks a fantasy
Flirting with fancy and flair
Your sweet scent carresses the air
Come a little closer
Stay a little longer
Got to be the one
I try to move in strong
(You say)

There's a jiggle in your jam
When you dance with me
And you never ever wanna
Leave my company
There's some message I mis-read
Tell me the thoughts in your head
Now you are willing
Then you're hesitating
You running out of time
Make up your mind
(I can't)