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Shabang! Steel Drum Band: Music

feet on the ground

(Harry Best)
February 10, 1999
Harry Best
Wife of a friend speaks of her grief following separation.
Boy, it seems i can't live without you
Tell me what am I gonna do
Every night all i think about is you
morning, noon and night ah feelin' blue

life is so easy
when you're around
you help me keep my flighty feet down on the ground
never had to worry
never had to care
how did I come to feel
you'd always be there

when you first left i had the illusion
losing you wouldn't cause no pain
now every night is endless confusion
tell me you would like to start again


me girlfriends try to console me
they say i'll forget you in time
but when they gone ah still feeling lonely
just can't seem to get you off my mind

life was so easy
being here with you
now i'm reliving memories that i spent with you
trying not to worry
trying not to care
how did i come to feel
you'd always be there

life was so easy
when it's said and done
there ain't nobody else for me under the sun

life was so easy
la da da doom doom da da
dodo doomdum day.